Emotions- week 4

Upbeat, by Josephine Bowlin

This is out final week of our creative habits. I feel like it’s gone by so quickly! I’d like to keep up the animations every day or so, but I’m looking forward to just having the block of time to make my own things, and not the same pattern and stuff every time.   I’d love to do more 3d models and sculpts, so I’m hoping to start doing those pretty often.


My first one this week was pastoral. I’m still not quite positive if that is even an emotion, but I got it in my random music search!

Orion, Page for Josephine’s Book

I switched this week with Josie. I really liked doing a page for her book! I hope she likes it too.   She made an animation for me as well! Here’s her Blog!


I feel like I’m running out of new things to do for this project, and I feel like my best animations were from the first two weeks, I think it’s a good time to move onto new projects during my habit time!


This whole class was not what I was thinking it would be. I didn’t really even know what it was going to be when I signed up for it! But I actually enjoyed the class, the projects were really varied and different from everything else I’m really doing in other classes. I’m going to try to keep a blog with updates of projects that I’m doing, though I’m afraid it might not be very frequent… I’m really bad with social media and stuff like it!


Thanks for a good semester!


Emotions- week three


We’re almost to our last week.  It’s so strange listening to just one type of song for an hour, it really makes you feel the emotions of the songs.  I just finished Sad as I’m typing this, and I really just feel withdrawn and quiet from all of it.

Challenge, Apathetic & Sweet

The challenge was actually pretty difficult to do what I wanted with it!  My first emotion that came up was “cold” and then I got “sweet”.  I was able to start it out just fine, but when the music switched I found it incredibly hard to stay focused.  The complete switch in styles and moods completely threw me off!  I wasn’t sure what to make and the piece was actually pretty tough to work on because of the different modes of thought involved with it.


The next is Eerie, which I think is leaning more towards terror or something similar! I was getting some 90’s music this time, and I think it was making me feel a little angsty!  It looks like it is kind of hard to see all the reds in this on a white background 😦


Ambient was very calming.  It felt relaxed and I just took my time and used lazy strokes and a huge brush and just made a gradient kind of animation.  It makes me think of white noise from a television.


I really like trying new brushes in Photoshop.  One of my favorite parts of this project is just getting used to animating in Photoshop and being able to make textures and use interesting colors.  I tried a few new things in Gleeful. 

Image from TheSartorialist

Bill Cunningham is a photographer who is known for his photos of New York style.  In an article that I read about him, Man on the Street, at one time he would take photos every day that were a certain color, like blue.  This is an interesting way to form a creative habit; it isn’t huge and far-fetched, it’s simple and unique.  He doesn’t have to bend over backwards to create these huge pieces that have twenty different things going on in them.  He chose o do something achievable and interesting.  He makes me wonder what else you could do like he does.

Emotions-week two

Pyramid Up and Down Pyramid, by Melvin Edwards

This week we went to the museum, and I loved the Barbed wire works by Melvin Edwards.  The lines and patterns really are interesting to me.  I wanted to use this for inspiration in one of my pieces, and it ended up being aggression this week!


I think I should listen to music for a little longer before starting the animation.  You can see in aggression that it’s pretty calm at first, and then as I listened to the music it became a little more sharp and crazy.


I had trouble this week, I just had trouble really getting into what I was doing with a few of them and I’m not super fond of them.  But there are always hits and misses!  “Epic” was really the one I struggled the most with, and I wanted to start over and make a new one but I didn’t’ have time!


I was trying to use shapes more than lines in the next one.  It didn’t feel as natural to me, but I’ll try to use shapes more in my work!


I want to download some more fun brushes for photoshop, texturing is a lot of fun for me.  This is making me want to look into texture artists and seeing what they do.


I’m looking forward to next week, I hope that it feels better next week, I think that I need to be calm and centered before I start these, stress from school is killing me!


Emotions, week 1


This is the first week of our creative habits.  I started this thinking I would be using Flash to make my animations, but during our time in the library I was looking at watercolors and paint textures and I wanted to be able to have that in my animations.  Because of that, I decided to make my animations in Photoshop.

I started my emotions with Mysterious, then the next day I did Quiet.


And then I did Happy! I’m loving trying these new textures and brushes in Photoshop, and I adore working with color like in this one!


I used Moodfuse to randomly pick what emotions I would do each time, and I would listen to the music for a bit and then start the animation.  I didn’t do these at a specific time of day, just when I would have free time.


Next, I did fear.  This one was interesting, because it made me feel very uncomforatble to make it.  At first the colors were calming to me, but the white lines made me feel really anxious and if I watch it for too long, I start to feel nauseous and I have to stop looking at it.  This makes me both excited and almost a little nervous to make the rest! It’ll be really interesting to do the upcoming ones.


I researched Walter Ruttmann and Hans Richter.  They were both German film makers, and were some of the first to produce experimental films.  Experimental film started around the 1920’s when people applied time to paintings and other works of art.  The first real experimental makers were  Bruno and Arnaldo Ginanni Corradini, who would paint directly onto strips of film to create their animations.


Arfini, Maria Teresa, (Author). “Abstract Film As Viewable Music: Early Experiments Of Hans Richter, Walther Ruttmann And Oskar Fischinger.” Music In Art: International Journal For Music Iconography 38.1-2 (2013): 213-221. RILM Abstracts of Music Literature (1967 to Present only). Web. 21 Apr. 2016.


Creative Habit- Proposal

Animation from freshman year

We’re starting our final project for Design for Media! We’re going to be finding something to do everyday for about an hour to be creative. I’m looking forward to this project because I feel that I need to get back to being creative like I was when I was younger.  School (and the stress from it) make me feel like art is almost a chore, and I hope this project can help me find the love of art again.


I am going to be creating abstract animations based on music that I listen to. There are tools online for “mood radios” where you can listen  to songs to evoke certain feelings. I want to listen to these and create an animation that is in line with how the music makes me feel.

Some sites I’ve found are MoodFuseStereoMood, and of course Pandora and Spotify.


I’m wanting to create quick looping animations, in a simple style.  I want to just focus on the emotion and how it effects my style of creating.  The animation above was one that I made during freshman year, it was a quick one, but still it is one of my favorites because of its simplicity.  I want to work with that again.

There’s all sorts of emotions that I can use: anger, happiness, calm, sadness, excitement, fear.. the list is endless!

The People’s Parklet- the finale


I’m so excited with how this turned out.  We had our opening today, and even though it was raining, we had a good turn out!

We were able to finish construction with the help of my dad, and my neighbor, Chuck, on Sunday.  Tuesday, we painted and put in the finishing touches and the plants!


Overall, I’ve learned a lot about contruction and working with physical things.  Being an animation major, this project was a really big departure from what I’m used to doing.  This was a great project to work on, the team was good and we got along pretty well overall. I helped with construction and painting and planting, and I helped make the 3D model and turnaround for the preliminary models.


A huge thank you to everyone who helped, this could not have been done without you!

The People’s Parklet- Week 4

IMG_0015Over spring break, Jenna, Annie and I met up and started building the parklet.  My dad and my neighbor Chuck came to help us!  They both love to build stuff and came to help us figure out what we were doing.  We went into this with pretty much zero knowledge of construction and now I feel like we could do a bit on our own if we wanted to.

Our editors put together a little clip of our construction!

We started with the base and built the deck onto that.  We almost have one bench finished!  This weekend we are meeting up again and we are going to work as hard as we can and try to get it all finished!

The People’s Parklet-Week 3


We’re starting to get into the thick of this project!  We’re finally starting to get donations of our supplies, and it looks like everything might work out how we want it to! Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself.

I was able to get a donation of reflective tape for our parklet to make it safer.  25 feet is being donated to us!


We have had to make some modifications to our design for the parklet.  We had to remove the pergola and the backdrop due to instability issues and cost.  We also are not professional builders so we had to think about that in our plans.


I remade the model and worked on the 3d render of it and made a quick spinning video of the model.

Week one: Parklet

Andesrsonville Parklet, from 


This week we decided on the final two group project ideas.  After we split into two groups to make our pipeline group.  I decided to join the group that was making a parklet.  Here is our group blog: https://pipelineparklet.wordpress.com/

Franklin Park Conservatory

I am going to be working along with Victoria to create 3D rendered models of the designs and we will both be working along with the design team to settle on one design to create.  Everyone in the group will be working together during the construction phase of the parklet.  I am also hoping to be able to use my membership with the Franklin Park Conservatory to be able to help supply plants for the parklet.


We will be helping with the designs for the parklet, but we won’t be able to create our 3D models until they are completed.  Hopefully that will be next week so we can start modeling.